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Quick start guide: Creating prescriptions (from an encounter)
Quick start guide: Creating prescriptions (from an encounter)
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Quick start: This topic provides a high level overview of the steps required to quickly complete the task. For detailed instructions, refer to the comprehensive help topic Creating prescriptions.

1. In the Prescriptions section of an encounter, click + Add Prescription.

💡 Tip: Select the heart icon to add medications from your list of favourites or select the arrow icon to add from the patient’s existing medications (i.e. to renew medications).

2. In the Prescription Dialog ("prescription pad"), click + Add Medication to prescribe a new treatment.

3. In the search field at the top of the prescribing area, start typing the name of the medication and select the appropriate medication from the list. 📌Note: If you are prescribing a non-medication treatment (e.g. physiotherapy, crutches) or a compound medication, type the full name in the field.

4. Complete the Dose, Frequency, and Duration fields. Select PRN if necessary.

  • For concurrent dosages or tapering medications, select Add dose to add another dosage line.

5. The Quantity is auto-calculated if you entered a Dose, Frequency, and Duration. If it didn’t, enter a Quantity.

6. Optionally enter any Refills.

7. Indicate if the medication is Continuous (i.e. not short term) and if Substitution Not Allowed.

8. Add any instructions (e.g. take with food) in Additional Instructions.

💡Tip: To save this medication as a favourite, select Save to my favourites.

9. Optionally, in the Extra tab, enter any additional information (e.g. conditions the treatment is for, dispense date).

10. Click Save.

11. Sign and send the prescription, using one of the following options:

  • Click Save. (Adds the prescription to the encounter without signing it. You can still make changes to the prescription, and will be prompted to sign it when the encounter is signed.)

  • Click Sign Prescription. (Signs the prescription so it can be printed or faxed later e.g. front-end staff will fax it or you will fax or print it before finishing the encounter.)

  • Click Sign and Print Prescription.

  • Click Sign and Download Prescription (saves a PDF copy of the prescription on your computer).

  • Click Sign and Open PDF (opens a PDF preview).

  • Click Sign and Fax.

Updated March 20, 2023

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