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Quick start guide: Recording immunizations and injections
Quick start guide: Recording immunizations and injections
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Quick start: This topic provides a high level overview of the steps required to quickly complete the task. For detailed instructions, refer to the comprehensive help topic Recording immunizations and injections.

  1. Click the button to add a new injection:

    • From an encounter: In the Injections section of an encounter, click +Add Injection.

    • Outside of an encounter: From the patient’s chart, choose Start/Open > Injections and click +New Injection.

    • In Summary view, click the + icon beside the Injections folder.

  2. In the New Injection window, start typing the name of the injection in the Name field.

    • If the injection exists in the clinic-wide list, select it from the list of matching injections. The Type will auto-populate.

    • If the injection does not exist in the list, type the full name in the Name field and select the Type of injection (Allergy, Immunization, Injection, Other).

  3. Complete the remaining fields, as necessary. Some of these may be pre-populated if you selected an injection from the list of options.

    • Dose

    • Trade Name

    • Site Given (choose from the list)

    • Route (choose from the list)

    • Series

    • Lot Number

    • Expiry Date

    • Injected By (defaults to the current user; select, a user from the list if you are recording an injection performed by someone else).

    • Injected Date (defaults to the current date).

    • Injected Time

    • External (when External is selected, Injected By becomes a free text field).

    • Historical (select this if you are recording an injection the patient had in the past and was not given by your office today).

    • Refused (select this if you are recording that the patient was offered an injection but refused. Refused injections are recorded in the list of the patient's active Injections, but are clearly labelled Refused).

    • Comments

  4. Click Save.

Updated August 14, 2023

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