Questionnaire responses can have a scoring capability. This will assist with analyzing patient responses.

When creating questions in a specific Qnaire, scoring can be added at the same time:

  • You can add a numerical value to each New (question) Option in the Qnaire Editor. In the example below, the Question Option "Never" has a score of 4, Option "Sometimes" has a score of 3, Option "Frequently" has a score of 2.

To create a Custom Score, navigate to the "Custom Scoring" section of the Qnaire Builder by clicking on the highlighted icon below:

  • To create a custom score, click on the "+SCORE" Button

  • Enter a Name for the score by clicking in the "Score 1" box

  • Enter a maximum amount of points a patient could score, based on their answer by clicking in the "Maximum Score" box

  • Enter the formula that will calculate the score of the applicable questions by clicking on the relevant questions in the QUESTIONS List and adding a plus (+), subtract (-), multiply (*) or divide (/) sign between each question, as required.

  • To create sub-scores or to organize scoring based on question type (for example to add the scores of the first ten questions, and then the scores of the next three questions), click on the Arrow Button to represent the sum of S1 and S2 in the TOTAL SCORE for all questions.

  • In the TOTAL SCORE enter the maximum amount of points that can be scored.

  • Add a plus (+), subtract (-), multiply (*) or divide (/) sign between each question, as required, when they appear in the TOTAL SCORE box.

  • If indicated, one can also incorporate any remaining questions from the Qnaire. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you wish to add, subtract, divide or multiple the total score, you must place the questions that make up the total score in brackets. 

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