Splitting a patient document
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⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature. It will be available once the beta period is complete.

Using the built-in PDF editor, you can easily split PDFs and image files (PNG, JPEG/JPG, TIFF/TIF) from either the Inbox or, once filed to the patient chart, from the Patient Files section.

For example, you can split a hospital report, that references multiple patients, into separate documents, saved to the individual charts.

Or, if you receive a patient referral PDF with different types of documentation, you can save each part as a separate file in the patient's chart.

📌 Note: Splitting a document involves deleting the pages from the original document that you don't want in the new document, then saving the new document with a new name. The CHR saves the pages that are currently in the document editor window.

Then return to the original document and repeat the process.


1. From the main menu click Inbox or, from the patient chart, click Start/Open > Patient Files.

2. Find and open a PDF document, and click the Document Editor icon.

A new window opens with the PDF editing tools.

3. To split the current document and create a new document with only the applicable pages, select the pages you do not want to include.

A blue frame appears around the selected pages.

💡 Tip: If the document is very large, click the ellipsis > Select All. A blue frame appears around all the pages. Select the pages you want to include.

4. Click Delete Pages.

📌Note: Deleting a page in the editor does not remove the page from the original document unless you click Apply.

5. Click Save As…

📌Note: The CHR saves the pages that are currently in the document editor window.

In the Upload File window that appears:

  • If the original document is not assigned to a patient, add a patient name, and enter file details such as file name, description, and owner.

  • If the original document is already assigned to a patient, to assign the new document to a different patient, click the patient name at the top and search for or add a new patient. Change the file details, such as file name, description, and owner.

📌 Note: You must assign an owner to the document. The owner receives the file in their inbox if Notify New Owner is selected.

6. Click Save.

The document you just created appears in a new window. You can further edit, annotate, download, print, or share the document.

7. Close the new document to go back to the original document (with all the pages) and edit it accordingly, i.e. delete the pages and save the changes.

Updated July 27, 2023

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