Canceling a submitted eClaim
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You can cancel a claim that was successfully submitted and the summary status is Claim accepted or Claim pending. You can cancel the claim before midnight EST on the same day it was submitted.

📌Note: You can not cancel a claim that was rejected nor that was sent for predetermination.

This is usually if you want to change the payee, or you noted an error and want to submit a corrected claim.

For example, if a claim is accepted and the response indicates that the payment is to the clinic, and you want to change the recipient to the insured member.

To void a payment request at a later date, you or your patient must contact the insurer directly. Contact information and all the identifiers that the insurance company requires to trace the request is normally provided in the response. Alternatively, refer to TELUS eClaims Contact us to find the insurance company contact information.


1. From the Insured Billing section of the patient chart, select the claim you want to cancel.

The Edit Insured Payment window opens.

2. Click the green Claim accepted banner or blue Claim pending banner to expand the section.

3. In the grey comments banner of the claim summary screen, click Void claim.

📌Note: The void claim link is only available until midnight EST, the same day.

The Void Claim window appears.

4. Select the Reason that you are canceling the claim, from the list:

  • Entered in error
    (The submitted request was recorded incorrectly or recorded in the wrong record. For example, the claim was submitted against the wrong provider or wrong patient.)

  • Altered decision
    (You no longer want to accept the insurance company's response if, for example, you want to change the Payable to value.)

5. Click Void claim.

A response is returned. If the claim was successfully canceled, the claim and claim summary status changes to Claim voided. For more information on the different statuses that can appear after canceling a claim, refer to TELUS Health eClaim statuses.

Created July 31, 2023

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