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We recommend that you use your Inbox as a task list. Use the snooze feature to schedule reminder tasks, such as recalling a patient. Snoozing also allows you to better organize your Inbox. You can hide inbox items until a future date. This allows you to concentrate on what needs to be done today.


1. You can snooze a new or existing message.

  • To snooze an existing message, from the main menu, click the Inbox icon. At the right of the inbox item you want to snooze, click the snooze icon.

The Snooze Until window appears.

3. From the Snooze Until list, select a date. This determines exactly when you will see the message again in the Inbox.

💡 Tip: You can also select a custom date. At the bottom of the Snooze Until window, click Custom Date > select a date from the calendar > Select.

4. As soon as you select a time from the Snooze Until window, the item disappears from your inbox and is stored in your snoozed messages.

💡 Tip: To view all of your snoozed items, click the snoozed messages icon (clock) in the Inbox. For more information, see Viewing snoozed inbox messages.

Updated May 13, 2022

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