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Creating and sending messages to users
Creating and sending messages to users
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🎞️ View video tutorial: Sending an internal message about a patient

The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) has a messaging feature that lets you communicate electronically with other users in your clinic.

You can send internal messages from the inbox or from the patient's chart. For example, after reviewing a diagnostic test for a patient, you determine that the patient needs to come into the clinic for a follow up. You can send a message to the front staff to contact the patient and book an appointment.

You can attach patient files to a message sent from the inbox or patient chart. By default, when you send a message from a patient chart, the entire chart is automatically attached to the message.

Messages sent from the patient chart are saved in the Messages area of the patient chart. To view these messages, from the patient chart, click Start/Open > Messages. Messages sent from the inbox do not save to the patient chart.

💡 Tip: You can also use the messaging feature as a task list by sending yourself an action or reminder message, such as a reminder to send a patient an email. This appears in your list of inbox items. For more information, see Viewing and managing inbox items.

You can send a message immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date.


  1. To send a message from the patient chart, at the top of the chart, click the messaging icon.

  2. To send a message from the inbox, in the top-right corner, click +Message.

    The New Message window opens.

  3. To schedule a message to be sent at a later date, click the clock icon and, in the Snooze Until list, select when you want the message to get sent. For example, you can create a task request for your front staff to receive in one week.
    📌 Note: From the Snooze Until list, you can select a specific date by clicking Custom Date, choosing the date and clicking Select.

  4. To use a message template to auto-populate the message details (see Creating message templates), click Template, and select the template.
    📌 Note: If your clinic does not have message templates configured, the Template button is not available.

  5. In the To field, type or select the user(s) name. If you configured user groups in your CHR account (see Creating user groups), you can easily send a message to a group of people. When selecting your recipient, all groups appear at the top.

  6. In the Title field, type a message subject.

  7. In the text area, type your message.

    💡 Tips:

    • You can format your text using the formatting bar at the top of the message body.

    • If you want to add a website or email address that the recipient can click on, type the address and press Return {Enter} to convert it to a hyperlink.

  8. To attach a file, click +Add Attachment.

    📌 Notes:

    • Attachments can be any file in the patient's chart or a file uploaded directly from your device.

    • When sending a message from a patient chart, the entire chart is automatically attached.

  9. To flag the message as high priority, select Mark as Urgent.

  10. If you do not want to receive replies (for example, if you are messaging a group to complete a task), select Unsubscribe from this conversation.

    💡 Tip: When you minimise a message, the CHR moves it to the bottom of the screen. From here, you can retrieve the message by clicking the speech bubble icon.

11. To send the message, click Submit.

Updated June 21, 2022

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