If your clinic has a few generic messages that often get sent, we recommend creating a message template (for example, please book in 6 weeks). Provided you have template permissions, you can create a message template by going to Settings-Templates-Message then click Add Template.

Name your template, give it a message title and a message body.

Once you have entered that information, click Save. You have now created a message template. 

To make things even easier, we also have a Quick Action feature that allows you to set a default recipient. From the message editor, click the Set Quick Action button:

Enable the Quick Action, give it a name, select the recipient (you can send it to a specific person at the clinic, or you can choose each users Personal Assistant, which is a configuration available in Settings-Profile. Another option is to skip the message dialogue. This allows a one click message to be sent to the user, without having to hit submit. 

Once enabled, all users in your account will be able to see these message templates throughout the system:

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