Viewing and managing inbox items

How to manage the different inbox items

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Your inbox holds all of the received items that require your attention. For each of the following types of items, you must action the item to mark it as done or as reviewed in order to remove it from your inbox:

For more information about your inbox, see Navigating your inbox.


1. Click an Inbox item to view it. The inbox item opens in a new window.

2. To see the comments section for labs, faxes and files on the right-hand side, click the maximise icon to expand the window.

📌 Note: Your web browser remembers the window size of the last inbox item you viewed: standard or maximum window size. This reduces the number of clicks when working through your inbox items, especially if you prefer viewing them in a full-size window. If you switch workstations and the previous user prefers to view their inbox items in a different window size than you, you must click the resizing icon once for the workstation browser to remember your setting.

3. From here, you can perform four main actions: Close, Mark Urgent, Mark Done, Mark as Done + Reviewed and go to the next Inbox item.




Click to close the opened inbox item window. Or, click X at the top of the window.

Mark Urgent / Unmark Urgent

Click to mark an inbox item as urgent.

A red flag appears next to the sender's name and a red Urgent banner appears next to the title.

To remove the Urgent banner, click Unmark Urgent.

The inbox item automatically closes.

Mark Done

Click to mark the item as done (e.g to indicate that you dealt with the inbox item).

As soon as you mark an item Done, it moves to the Done window. This helps keep your inbox streamlined.

The inbox item changes to grey and a checkmark replaces the sender icon.

📌 Note: Messages or items marked as done, appear under the date they first arrived in your inbox. For example, if you mark a message as done today but it first arrived in your inbox a week ago then, in the Done window, it shows under the date from a week ago.

To reverse this action, click Unmark Done. The item changes from grey to white/red again, the checkmark is removed and it appears in your main inbox window again.

📌 Note: If you are part of a group conversation or shared the inbox item with another user, marking Done does not affect the inbox item in the other users' inboxes.

Arrow Icon (Mark as Done + Reviewed and go to next Inbox item)

Click to:

  • Mark the inbox item as Done.

  • Close the open inbox item.

  • Open the next item on today's inbox list.

4. Depending on the item type, you may se the following additional actions:




Add comments to the inbox item that other users can read. Your name and a time stamp are recorded.

Click Comments or click to maximize the window, the window expands to show the comments.

Available for: Faxes, Labs, Documents & Files.

Mark Reviewed

Marking an item as reviewed records that you have seen it; think of it like your digital signature. Your name and a time-stamp will be recorded in the Comments and the Mark Reviewed icon will turn green with a checkmark. The inbox item will automatically mark as Done.

Available for: Faxes, Labs, Documents and Files.

📌 Note: You cannot undo a review but you can unmark the inbox item as Done.

Quick Message

If you have message templates configured with quick message actions, you can quickly send your message template to pre-defined user(s).

Available for: Faxes, Labs, Documents and Files.


You have five options available to share the inbox item with another CHR user or the patient.

Internal message:

  • Send a new internal message with the inbox item automatically included as an attachment.

  • Forward the inbox item to a CHR user.


Available for: Faxes, Labs, Documents and Files.


You can create referrals without leaving your inbox. See, Creating incoming referrals from the inbox.

Available for: Faxes, Lab Reports, Documents and Files.


Using the built-in PDF editor, you can separate PDF pages, rotate files etc. See Editing PDF documents.

Available for PDFs, either Faxes or Documents and Files.


Integrated labs can be converted to a PDF. This is helpful if you want to fax, print or email the lab.

Only available for integrated lab results, for example: HRM or Excelleris.


Click to reconcile any linked patient forms. See Form Reconciliation.

Only available for integrated lab results, for example: HRM or Excelleirs.

📌 Note: Click Doc info at the top-right corner of the inbox item to update its attributes. For example, change the owner, enter number of abnormal results or select file tags. See Updating files from your inbox.

5. To minimise, expand and/or close any window, use the icons in the top-right corner of the window.

💡 Tip: When you minimise an open inbox item, it moves to the bottom of the screen next to your Task List. You can open the inbox item again in any area of the CHR by clicking on it. Hover over the item to see details.

6. To hide an inbox item to work on at a later date, click the snooze icon and choose a date the item will reappear in your inbox. See Snoozing your inbox messages.

Updated: May 12, 2023

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