Updating files from your inbox

How to edit or update documents received in the Inbox

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You can easily update several attributes of files or documents received in your inbox. For example, you can change the owner and notify them if the received file isn't assigned to anyone or was incorrectly assigned to you. You can also enter the number of abnormal results, or select file tags for easier search and retrieval. This is really helpful when dealing with incoming documents such as patient-specific faxes or lab results.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

2. Click to open the desired file.

💡 Tip: From this window, if the file isn't assigned to a patient, you can assign it to an existing patient. Click the red magnifying glass icon or, to create a new patient, click the red +Create Patient button and assign the file to them.

3. Click Doc info. The Update Received File window opens.

4. In the Update Received File window, update the file as follows:



Patient File

Attach another file, if required.

File Name

Change the file name, if required.


Type a description for the document.


To associate an owner to the file, click to select one from the list.

Your administrator can make this field mandatory (Settings > Patient File > Require file ownership by default).

Notify New Owner

When associating an owner to the file, select this checkbox to notify them. The new owner receives the file in their inbox.

💡 Tip: If you already assigned a new owner to the file but forgot to notify them the first time, simply go back to the Update Received File window > select the Notify New Owner checkbox > click Save. The owner is notified.


Click the tags to apply to the document for ease of searching and finding it later.

Any file tags associated with the file appear as tabs in the Patient Files section of the patient chart.

For information about customizing the tags, see Configuring file tags.

Abnormal Count

If the file is a scanned lab result, enter the number of abnormal results. The number appears as an alert.


If required, modify the date associated with the document, such as the date of a medical report. Defaults to the current date and time.

Uploaded Date

Shows the date when the files was originally uploaded.

📌 Note: You can't change this field.

Last Reviewed At

Shows the date and time when the file was last reviewed.

📌 Note: You can't change this field.

Additional Fields

Click to view more fields.

  • Source Author: The provider who authored the report.

  • Source Facility: The facility that sent the document.

  • Date Received: The date your clinic received the document.

  • Report Media: How the document was received.

5. Click Save.

Updated May 12, 2023

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