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Electronic lab reports
Electronic lab reports
Reviewing incoming lab reports (providers)
Reviewing incoming lab reports (providers)
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You review incoming lab results from the Inbox. You should have a workflow setup to review all incoming lab results to ensure nothing is missed. Depending on your configuration:

  • If a provider's license number matches the one on the report, it will go into their inbox or if no match is made, the report goes into a shared default inbox.

  • All labs go to one shared inbox.

For more information, see Viewing electronic lab reports.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

2. Click the lab report to open it.

3. Confirm that the lab is assigned to the correct patient (see Managing unmatched lab reports).

4. Click Edit, add Tags, Description etc. For more information, see Updating files from your inbox.

5. Click Comments, add any notes required. The comment/note is saved to the lab report.

6. If the patient has an outstanding requisition form for the lab test, click Reconcile and select the outstanding form. For more information, see Reconciling forms with lab results.

7. Review the lab report, click Mark Reviewed.

8. If the lab is normal, click Close or click the arrow icon to move to the next inbox item.

📌 Note: The lab report saves to the patient chart > Patient Files section.

Abnormal Results

  1. If the lab has abnormal results or if you would like to follow up with the patient, send a message to your front-end staff to call them.

    💡 Tip: The number in the red circle indicates how many abnormal results are in the report.

  2. Click Share > New Message. Let staff know when you would like to book the patient for a follow-up appointment. You can also include additional details such as background information in the message.

    📌 Note: If other providers are part of the patients care team, you can send them a message as well.

  3. Or, if configured, click Quick Message to send your front-end staff a pre configured message template, see Using message templates as a Quick Message for incoming faxes and documents.

    📌 Note: Using Quick Messages saves time for tasks you perform often, however you cannot add custom details to the message.

  4. Depending on your clinic workflow, your front-end staff may send you a follow-up message letting you know the patient is booked, or they may leave a Comment in the lab itself.

  5. Once the patient is booked, you can reference your original message to quickly see the lab results. From the patient chart, click Start/Open > Messages. Click to open the message to see the message and lab result.

  6. Easily start your encounter note with the details from the lab report. With the lab/message open, click Start/Open > Encounter, choose split screen so that you can see both the encounter and lab/message at the same time.

View workflow video

For more information, see Reviewing incoming lab reports (staff).

Updated July 17, 2023

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