Managing unmatched lab reports
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When the electronic lab reports are received in the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), the health number, gender and date of birth within the result are matched to a patient's demographic information in the CHR. The lab report is then automatically assigned to that patient.

If the CHR is unable to match the report to a patient, the report is identified with an unmatched patient notification. You must open the lab report to see that it is unmatched. You can identify an unmatched report by the red warning that will show at the top of the report.

⚠️ Unmatched labs occur when:

📌 Note: Patient name is not used for matching.

Best practice: If you have an unmatched report, always search for and confirm whether there is a matching patient within the CHR. The lab could contain incorrect information.


  1. Open the lab report (see Viewing electronic lab reports).

  2. At the top of the report, within the red banner, click the magnifying glass icon.

  3. Search for the patient by name, date of birth and health card number.

  4. If you find a matching patient:

    • Click the patient's name in the search results.

    • When prompted to confirm, click Okay. This action is not reversible.

    The report is now assigned to the patient's chart and the red warning changes to blue.

  5. If you do not find a matching patient and the report is for a new patient that you want to add, click +Register Now and add the new patient. See Creating a patient from an incoming fax or lab result.

  6. If the lab report is not meant for a patient within the CHR, you can delete it.

    💡 Tip: Some lab integrations, such as, HRM & Meditech (BC Interior Health) send all patient reports to all configured EMR/CHR's where a provider works and not specifically to the EMR/CHR where the patient is registered.

    • Search for and assign the lab report to a fake/test patient.

    • From the fake patient chart, navigate to Start/Open > Patient Files.

    • Find the report and click the garbage can icon. The lab report is deleted.

📌 Note: If you receive a report that is not meant for you, please contact the lab vendor directly.

Updated April 11, 2022

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