Reviewing incoming lab reports (staff)
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We recommend that front-end staff review and organize incoming lab reports several times daily to ensure results are reviewed in a timely manner. All incoming lab reports must be reviewed by a provider. Staff should ensure that all labs are assigned to the correct patient and provider.

For more information, see Viewing electronic lab reports.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

πŸ“Œ Note: Lab reports are automatically sent to the inbox of the provider whose licence number match the one included in the report. Otherwise, the lab report goes into a shared default inbox.

2. Click the lab report to open it.

3. Confirm that the lab is assigned to the correct patient. A red banner indicates if the lab is not attached to a patient. For more information, see Managing unmatched lab reports.

4. Click Edit, add Tags, Description etc. Click to assign a new Owner (Selecting Notify New Owner can be used instead of forwarding the lab). For more information, see Updating files from your inbox.

5. If the lab is not already in the correct provider's inbox, you need to share it with them for review. Click Share > Forward > search for the provider and click Forward.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If the lab has abnormal results, click Mark Urgent and the provider is notified right away.

6. Click Mark Done.

πŸ“Œ Note: Marking done only marks it done for the Inbox it is currently in, not all Inboxes.

7. Continue assigning lab results to patients and forwarding to the appropriate provider for review until all lab results are dealt with.

8. Once the provider reviews the lab results, they may send you a message indicating that they would like to see the patient. Click to read the new message.

9. To quickly open the patient's chart, click the lab result then click the patient chart icon.

10. Call the patient to book an appointment. You can easily see the patient's phone number in the demographic header.

11. If you are not able to reach the patient, leave an internal message for staff to see that you left a voicemail, etc. Click the original message > lab result > Comments > type your note/comment. The comment is left directly on the lab result for reference.

12. Once the patient calls you back, you can leave another comment saying that the patient is aware or that you booked the appointment.

πŸ“Œ Note: Depending on your clinic workflow, once booked you may send the provider a message letting them know. The provider can always reference the comments in the lab.

Updated April 13, 2022

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