Reconciling forms with lab results

Link returned lab/clinical results to the corresponding patient form.

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Form reconciliation allows you to link patient forms to the corresponding response/result from the lab vendor. Most of the time you link a lab/diagnostic imaging requisition with the returned lab/imaging result. With reconciliation, you can easily organize your requisitions and ensure you are following up on the important requisitions sent out.

⚠️ Important: You can reconcile only electronic lab results, such as Dynacare, Excelleris, Meditech, or Manitoba eHealth. You cannot reconcile an incoming fax or uploaded file.

You must first configure all required form templates as reconcilable. You must do this before you use the form. For more information, see Setting a form as reconcilable.


  1. From the patient chart, click Start/Open > Forms > Add Form.

  2. Select a form that is configured for reconciliation. A label with Reconcilable appears under forms that are reconcilable.

  3. Complete the form and click Fax to send it to the lab vendor, or Print, to give it to the patient.

    📌 Note: In the Patient Forms section, under the Reconciliation Status column, you can see which forms are reconciled and which ones are outstanding.

    • Reconciled or completed forms appear in green.

    • Forms that are configured to be reconcilable and are still outstanding appear in grey with Reconcilable.

    • Forms that are not configured to be reconcilable appear in grey with N/A.

  4. When you receive the lab or imaging report, reconcile the form.

  5. From the Inbox, open the lab or imaging report.

  6. Ensure the report is linked to the correct patient.

    📌 Note: To reconcile the report, it must first be assigned to a patient. See Managing unmatched reports.

  7. Click Reconcile.

  8. Select the form to reconcile from the list of forms requiring reconciliation that appears.

    📌 Note: If the patient has no reconcilable forms created in their chart, the option to reconcile does not appear.

    The Reconciled button turns blue and the form is now reconciled.

    📌 Notes:

    • To navigate to the form, click Reconciled and then Go to Form.

    • To remove the reconciliation, click Reconciled and then Unreconcile.

    In the Patient Forms section of the chart, the form's Reconciliation Status is now Reconciled.

    💡 Tip: To quickly view the linked lab report, in the opened form, click Reconciled and select Open Lab.

Updated May 6, 2022

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