Setting a form as reconcilable
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Form reconciliation allows you to link patient forms to the corresponding response/result from the lab vendor. For more information, see Reconciling forms with lab results.

Before you can use form reconciliation in your clinic workflow, you must configure all required form templates as reconcilable. You must do this before you use the form.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Templates > Form.
    📌 Note: Form templates already reconcilable are tagged with Reconcilable below the name.

  2. Click the form to reconcile.
    📌 Note: To create a new form, click Add Template. For more information, see Creating form templates.
    The form opens in a new window.

  3. Click Template Settings.

  4. Select the Reconcilable checkbox and click Save.

  5. Click Save on the form.

    Reconcilable appears below the form name. The form is now reconcilable.

    Updated May 12, 2022

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