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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) forms are electronic versions of the standard forms your clinic uses. You use these electronic forms while in a patient's chart. See Using electronic forms. You can configure forms to:

TELUS Health creates and maintains standard provincial forms. For more information, see Requesting forms. You may need to customize the pre-built forms to better suit the needs of your clinic. For example, the form is set to pull in patient home phone but in patient demographics, you only use cell phone.

If you require a form that is specific to only our clinic, you must build the form yourself. You start with a base document, and then you configure fields in the form to automatically populate data or to enable a user to enter information in the form.

⚠️ Important: Some of the standard forms created by TELUS Health are linked with analytics dashboards. Do not modify the variable names within these forms because this will break the analytics mappings and you will not be able to report on that field.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Templates > Form.

  2. Click Add Template. The New From Template window opens.

  3. Under Template Name, type the name of the form.

  4. Under Base Document, click the paperclip icon and select a PDF document from your device.

    📌 Note: The PDF must be sized to 8.5x11".

  5. (Optional) If you want to reconcile/link a requisition form to the corresponding electronic lab results upon their return, select the Reconcilable checkbox. For more information, see Reconciling forms with lab results.

  6. Click Save. Wait for a few seconds and then refresh your web browser. The form appears in your list of form templates.

    💡 Tips:

    • If the red In progress sign next to your new form has not disappeared within 1-2 minutes, confirm that there is nothing wrong with the base document.

    • Click the view dropdown next to Add Template to see All forms, or only Archived or Active forms.

  7. Click the form to configure. The form template window opens. The header contains basic navigation.

    • Click the magnifying glass to zoom in (plus) or out (minus).

    • Click the expand button to maximize or condense the form window.

    • Click Template Setting to edit the name or base document.

  8. To make your form interactive, click on the area in your form where you would like to add a variable. You can add the following variable types:

  9. Click Save. We recommend saving often so that you do not lose your edits.

  10. Refresh your browser to see your new form.

Updated June 7, 2022

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