The Collaborative Health Record (CHR) can map and store PDFs as forms so that these forms auto-populate with patient data / information as instructed/configured. For example lab requisition forms can be set up to auto-populate with patient demographics.

CHR users can easily retrieve these configured forms within a patient chart with key data points pre-populating directly into the forms. See Adding forms to encounters and Applying patient data to forms.

Steps (to create form templates)

  1. From the main toolbar, click Settings > Templates > Form.

  2. Click Add Template.
    A New From Template window opens.

  3. Under Template Name, type the name of the form in the empty field.

  4. Under Base Document, click the paperclip icon.

  5. Select a PDF document from your personal device.

  6. (Optional) Select the Reconcilable checkbox if you want to reconcile/link the requisition form to the corresponding lab results upon their return. In this way you ensure that you are following up on important requisitions.

    📌 Note: It is currently only possible to reconcile lab results returned electronically from Excelleris, Meditech, or Manitoba eHealth with their corresponding requisitions.

  7. Click Save.
    Wait for a few seconds for the form to appear in the list of form templates.

    💡 Tip: If the red In progress sign next to your new form has not disappeared within 1-2 minutes, refresh your browser.

Steps to configure form templates

  1. Click on a specific form template.
    The form template window opens.
    💡 Tips:

    • Click the expand button to maximise or condense the form window.

    • Click the magnifying glass to zoom in (minus) / out (plus) of a specific section of the form template. This allows for accurate configuration.

  2. From here you can add:

    • Text boxes (See Adding text boxes to form templates)

    • Checkmarks (See Adding checkboxes to form templates)

    • Signatures (See Adding signatures to form templates) to your cover page.

      💡 Tip: To reposition a text box, check box or signature to, click and drag the item to the desired location. Adjust the the size of the box by clicking and dragging the red dots.

  3. Click Save.

📌 Notes:

  • Creating autofill templates allow users to complete certain forms faster. For more details see Creating autofill templates.

  • You have the option to view your Active, Archived, or all (active and archived) forms.

🎞️ View video tutorial:

Updated July 27, 2021

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