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Adding signatures to form and cover page templates
Adding signatures to form and cover page templates
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) forms are electronic versions of the standard forms your clinic uses. You use these electronic forms while in a patient's chart. See Using electronic forms.

You can add signatures to form and cover page templates. These can be configured to automatically populate a signature from the providers's account profile or manually signed by either a provider or patient.

Before you can configure signatures, you must first create your template. See Creating cover page templates and Creating form templates.


  1. Click the area in your form or cover page template where you would like to add a signature. A new window appears.

  2. Click Signature. The Signature Configuration window opens.

  3. Apply any configuration needed to your signature. The table below outlines the options you can apply.




Practitioner pulls the signature from the provider's account (see Configuring Signatures). When using the form, you must select the provider in the Auto Fill Template pop-up that appears when opening the form.

Practitioner (Unique) requires the provider to draw their signature every time they complete the form.

Patient (Unique) enables the patient to draw their signature.

📌 Note: The patient requires access to your computer.

Auto Populate Signature

To auto-populate your signature, select Yes.

To click on the signature section when completing the form to apply your signature, select No.

📌 Note: This section only appears if you select Practitioner under Type (see above).

Scale to Fit

Select Yes (Recommended) or No.

We recommend selecting Yes since this will avoid distorting your signature.

Present Signer and Date

Select Yes to add the provider's name and date when the form was created at the bottom of the signature.

Required field

Select to make the signature field mandatory to fill in. A red asterisk appears next to the field.

📌 Note: When completing a form and you do not complete a marked mandatory field and attempt to save it, an error message alerts you to complete the field before saving it.

3. Click outside the window.

4. Click Save.

💡 Tips:

  • To remove a signature box, click to open the dialog window and click the trash icon (top right corner).

  • To resize a signature box, click a red dot and drag it to the desired size.

  • To reposition the signature box, click and drag it to the desired location.

Updated June 27, 2022

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