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Configuring your form templates to update patient data
Configuring your form templates to update patient data
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) forms are electronic versions of the standard forms your clinic uses. You use these electronic forms while in a patient's chart. See Using electronic forms.

Configuring your form template to update data allows you to push information added to your form to the patient chart patient data section of the patient chart.

Text box or checkbox variables in your template are mapped to a specific data point in the CHR. When using the form, the mapped data is pushed from the form to patient data. For example, an intake form can be filled out with the patient to gather additional demographic information, such as address or emergency contact. This information is then pushed to the patient's demographic information in their chart. You can map the following fields:

Patient Information

  • Patent demographics (such as name, sex or contacts).

  • Identification to pull in health card numbers or other IDs.

  • Social History (only pulls from patient data Social History, not Health Profile Social Hx).

  • Vitals (such as weight, blood pressure or head circumference).

  • Latest lab results pulled from electronic labs in the patient chart.

  • Medical History (such as Problem list).

  • Preventive care, if configured (such as FIT test, Mammogram, Covid-19).

  • CDM, if configured (such as Hypertension, Exercise reviewed or Asthma).

  • Configured forms, such as Rourke.

  • Enrolment.

  • Referral data, if configured.

Before you can configure your form to update patient data, you must first create your template. See Creating form templates.


  1. Click the area in your form template where you would like to add the variable. A new window appears.

  2. Click Text Box or Check Box. A new window appears.

  3. Under Updating Data Configuration, choose Patient Data or Referral Data.

  4. Click the gear icon to configure what field the variable is mapped to. The Saving Patient Data Setting window opens.

  5. From the three lists choose a Category, Property and Field.

    📌 Note: You must make your selections from left to right because the options are linked to each other.

  6. If the variable is a checkmark, perform one of the following actions:

    • Choose if you want the field updated When The Checkbox is Checked or Unchecked.

    • Click Update the Value and type what you would like added to the patient's chart (most common). Or click to Clear the value or Cancel changes.

  7. Click Save.

    📌 Note: When using the form, you must click Update template data for the data to update.

Updated July 6, 2022

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