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Adding checkboxes to form or cover page templates
Adding checkboxes to form or cover page templates
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) forms are electronic versions of the standard forms your clinic uses. You use these electronic forms while in a patient's chart. See Using electronic forms.

Checkboxes are a common element to many forms, and allow you to make a select mark, in the same way, you would on paper. You can configure them to be:

Before you can add checkboxes, you must first create your template. See Creating cover page templates and Creating form templates.


  1. Click the area in your form or cover page template where you want to add a Checkbox. A new window appears.

  2. Click Check Box. The Update Checkbox window appears.

  3. Apply any configuration needed to your checkbox. The table below outlines the options you can apply.




Type the name for the checkbox in the empty field.

We recommend that you give each checkbox a unique name. This is very important when using autofill templates and CHR analytics.

📌 Note: A checkbox that has data applied, is automatically named, for ease of reference.

Mark Shape

Select a shape you want to use as a checkmark.


Select the size of the checkmark.

Auto Fill Configuration

Allows you to map (or link) the checkmark with Patient and Referral data. Used to configure Updating Data Configuration and Marking Conditions.

Updating Data Configuration

Select patient or referral data to update data in the patient chart with the information that you configure in the checkbox. For more information, see Configuring your form templates to update patient data.

Marking Conditions

Configure a checkbox to auto-select based on certain conditions.

For example, if the patient's sex is female, the female checkbox is automatically selected. For more information, see Adding auto marking conditions to your form and cover page templates.

4. Click outside the window.

5. Click Save.

💡 Tips:

  • To remove a checkbox, click to open the dialogue window and click the trash icon (top right corner) to delete it.

  • To reposition a checkbox, click and drag it to the desired location.

Updated June 8, 2022

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