You can add variables to form and cover page templates that allow you to pull and push data to and from various sources. You can configure patient data, referral data, form data and lab results to pull into forms and cover pages. You can also configure forms and cover pages to push information back to these variables.

You can add checkboxes to cover page and form templates. They can be configured to remain blank so that you can check them. They can be auto-fillable and configured to push and pull patient data.

Before you can add checkboxes to form or cover page template, you have to add a base document (PDF). See Creating cover page templates and Creating from templates.


  1. Click on an area in your form or cover page template where you would like to add a check box.

    A window appears with three options.

  2. Click Check Box.
    The Update Checkbox window appears.




Type the name of the checkbox in the empty field.

πŸ“Œ Note: A checkbox that has any data applied, is automatically named, for ease of reference.

πŸ’‘ Tip: We recommend that you give each checkbox and text box a unique name. This is very important when using autofill templates and CHR analytics.

Mark Shape

Select a shape you want to use as a checkmark.


Select the size of the checkmark.

Auto Fill Configuration

(filling from chart)

Click the arrow and select one of the items:

  • Disabled
    πŸ’‘ Tip: Select Disabled if you want to create a checkbox that does not auto fill.

  • Patient Data

  • Referral Data (?)

  • Lab Result (?)

Gear Icon

For Patient and referral data, click the gear icon and configure the data variable:

  1. Under Category, click the arrow and select a data category.

  2. Under Data property, click the arrow and select a data property

  3. Under Visible Data, click the arrow and select a data field.

For Lab Result, click the gear icon and configure the data variable:

  1. Under Lab Result, select a lab result.

  2. Under Format, select simple and select what part of the result you want to appear in the form/ cover page.
    Select advanced and type the exact format you want in the empty field.

    πŸ“Œ Note: the list under lab results pulls from all the labs that exist in your patient's charts. If you have lab mapping set up, it will pull the naming from there.

Updating Data Configuration

(saving to chart)

Select one of the items:

  • Disabled

  • Patient Data

  • Referral Data.

If you select patient or referral data, you can update patient / referral data in the patient chart with the information that you added in your specific checkbox.

πŸ“Œ Note: Users must click Update template data after they have completed a form.

Marking Conditions

You can configure a checkbox to auto fill based on certain conditions.

For example, if the patient's sex is female, the checkbox can be configured to check the female box.

  1. Click Config Marking Conditions.
    The Configure Auto Marking Conditions window opens.

  2. Click +Add Condition.

  3. Select Any or All conditions met.

    πŸ“Œ Note: All conditions is used when you have an exact list from patient data that you want to auto-populate into the form.

  4. Click Select One and select Equal or Not Equal.
    πŸ“Œ Note: If equal is selected, the box will be checked if the patient data is equal to the described condition.

  5. Type the Data field you want to use to autofill the checkbox in the empty field.
    ⚠️ Important: The information entered in this field must be the same as it is in the patient chart (patient data), so that data is pulled correctly (i.e. Enter Male, not M or male).

    πŸ’‘ Tip: We recommend you cut and past from the patient data section in the patient chart.

  6. Click Save.

3. Click outside the window.

4. Click Save.

πŸ’‘ Tips:

  • To remove a checkbox, click to open the dialog window and click the trash icon (top right corner) to delete it.

  • To reposition a checkbox, click and drag it to the desired location.

Created August 4, 2021

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