If you fill in a certain form with similar information for certain types of patients or visits, using an auto fill template, you can choose to automatically fill in the form with the repetitive information. For example, you can set specific checkboxes to be auto-selected and text fields to auto-fill with text.

When you search for and select the form, in the Auto Fill Templates window, you can choose to fill in the form using an auto fill template.


1. Go to Settings > Templates > Forms.

2. Search for the form you want and then, beside the form name, click the Auto Fill Templates.

3. In the field at the top of the Auto Fill Templates window, type a name for the auto fill template.

4. Select any checkboxes you want to have "auto-checked".

5. If a checkbox is already set to Select, but you don't want it to "auto-check", click Unselect.

6. To have text auto fill a text field, in the field, type the text.

Note: Checkboxes appear in the order they were created in the form. 

7. Click Save.

8. Refresh your browser for the changes to take effect.

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