Every change that users make in a patient chart within the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) is recorded in the activity log, such as viewing a patient chart, entering encounter notes, editing or deleting any information, and sending messages. The log also records some non-clinical changes, such as booking appointments and changes to demographics.

From the patient dashboard, you can view a list of all changes that were made to a patient chart and who made them.

Account owners can also view the access and activity logs for a specific CHR user (see Viewing user activity and access logs).


1. Open the patient chart.

2. At the top of the chart, click the Dashboard icon.

patient dashboard button highlighted at top right of chart

3. Navigate to the Recent Activity widget. A list of all changes made to the chart and the person who made them appears.

4. To see details about a specific activity, click it.

5. To see a comprehensive list of all activity, at the bottom of the widget, click View All.

💡 Tip: Account owners can click Request Activity Log to download the activity log for the chart.

Updated February 12, 2022

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