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Duplicating encounter templates
Duplicating encounter templates
How to copy your encounter templates
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Making a copy of an encounter template is a great way to create a similar template without starting from a blank template.

📌 Note: You need permissions for Templates: Encounters to duplicate encounter templates. See Modifying user permissions.


1. From the main toolbar, click Settings > Templates > Encounter and identify the encounter template that you would like to copy. 

2. Beside that template, click the duplicate icon.

3. A duplicate of the template with "copy" in its title appears at the bottom of the list.

4. Click the template to select it.

5. Make any of the following changes:

  • Change the template name

  • Attach a presenting issue (even if the template you duplicated had a presenting issue, this is not automatically attached to the new template as part of the duplicating process)

  • Change variables and other items in the encounter sections. See Creating encounter templates for details.

6. When your modifications are complete, click Save to close the window and commit your changes.

Updated March 29, 2023

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