When a patient completes a Qnaire that's configured to update patient data values in their TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) chart, a clinic user must confirm the information before it's applied to the chart.

You confirm the information by opening the patient's chart. If there's Qnaire-produced patient data to review for the patient, their responses appear as a pop-up window.

You can see this pop-up window only if it's set to show in your user preferences.

📌 Note: This is a user-specific setting that is set by each user individually.


1. At the top of the main menu, click your avatar image.

2. Click Profile. Your Profile Settings opens.

3. Scroll down to the User Preferences area.

4. Under Patient Data Request Dialog Visibility, choose to Show or Hide this window when there's patient data to be confirmed.

5. At the bottom of the User Preferences area, click Save Preferences.

6. Refresh your browser window for the changes to take effect.

Updated March 14, 2022

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