You can update Patient Data using choice selections and text questions in a Qnaire.

When creating a new radio style question for example, you will now see this option found at the bottom of the dialog box when creating or editing the question choices:

Selecting this option will then automatically bring up another dialog box, asking you to specify which Patient Data category, property and field you are wanting to be updated with the selection: 

From here, you can then select what happens when a patient makes/does not make a choice. For example, you can choose what Patient Data value is added to a field by selecting "when the choice is selected" and then selecting from the options available for that field: 

In addition to having the patient change the selection, you have the options to have them select options to add to the current selection, unselect options, unselect all options, and finally cancel changes. 

Once the patient has completed the Qnaire, if you enter their chart, you will be prompted to confirm their updates to the relevant Patient Data sections: 

As well, if you were to go into the patient's Patient Data section after this has been confirmed, it will then show that the patient has updated this value in the history of the Patient Data value: 

Finally, once these Patient Data values have been updated, this information can be then pulled into Encounter, Form and Letter templates applied to the patient.  

Note: these Patient Data values have to be updated PRIOR to applying these templates for them to be pulled in.

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