1. In the CHR main menu, click the Qnaires icon. A list of your clinic's current Qnaires displays.

2. Perform one of the following actions:

  • If you're modifying a Qnaire, in the list, click the Qnaire

  • If you're creating a new Qnaire, click New Qnaire

The Qnaire builder opens with the General Information page displayed.

3. Enter or modify the name and description for the Qnaire.

  • Questionnaire Name

  • Questionnaire Description

4. To represent the Qnaire with an image (which displays beside the Qnaire in the list, and is visible to patients when they start the Qnaire), click Select an image, and then search for and select the image file from your computer.

5. Click Next Step. The Questions page opens.

6. To add a question, in the left pane, choose New Question.

  • A new page will appear, click the "New Question" Button at the top left

  • A new window will appear, giving you various question types to select from

Important Note: The CHR Qnaire Builder has an entire scoring feature. For more information on this, please see the following link:

Question Types:

1. Multi-Select Question Type

This Question Type, allows the patient to choose more than one options

Within the Multi-Select Question an “All of the above” or “None of the above” response can be created by clicking on a "New option", typing "All of the above" or "None of the above" and then selecting the checkbox "Select all" or "Unselect All"

2. Radio Question Type

This Question displays a list that allows patients to select only one option

3. Select Box Question Type

This question is a drop down menu allowing patients to select one option

4. Button Question Type

This question displays all answers in a button format

An Image can be added to the Button:

  • Select the specific Question/Button Option

  • Click the "Add Pic" Button to upload a specific image

5. Slider Question Type

This question creates a Slider Bar with a customized number of Options.

As seen in the example above, a prefix and suffix have been added as a reference point. This can be added in the question dialogue box, under Label.

6. Text Question Type

This question allows patients to add free text and dictate their own response.

7. Section Question Type

This question creates a section header and details what the next set of questions are about. The section header can also be used to embed images, or video content to make the experience more user friendly for Patients.

  • To add an image to the section header, click in the Question Subtext, this will open the dialogue box.

  • Click the Picture Icon and either drag and drop the image file, or browse files on the computer.

  • Select where in the Question Subtext the image will be placed. 

  • Click the image icon again and select Choose.

  • Click which image will be used and click on the Insert Button. This will place it in the Question Subtext.

  • To add a YouTube video to the Qnaire, Click the Video Icon and enter the YouTube URL.

8. Draw Question Type 

This question allows patients to draw over an image that you have uploaded

9. Date Question Type 

This question allows patients to enter a date. This can be formatted for just year, year and month, or all three.

10. Numerical Question Type  

This question allows patients to enter a number

In order for the Numerical Question Type to configure appropriately, the range, the unit and singular/plural options must be entered:

11. Picture Question Type  

This question allows the patient to upload a photo to their Qnaire. The question can be made optional in the Qnaire Editor by selecting the "optional" shown below.

12. History Question Type

This question allows patients to enter past conditions and the corresponding information.

13. Star Question Type 

This questions allows patients to rate based on number of stars.

14. Form Question Type 

This question enables the patient response to link with their patient data.

Very important to note that this type of question has to link to patient data otherwise it will not work.

Completing the Qnaire Setup 

  • Once the various questions have been setup, Click on "Next Step".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you move onto the next step, please ensure that there are no blank/empty questions open in your questionnaire.

  • The Publishing Checklist page will appear next

Publishing Checklist: This is a recommended checklist for the full functionality of the Qnaire. 

For more details on the Publishing Checklist see the following link:

Once you have formatted the publishing checklist specific to your qnaire, click the "Preview" Button to view how the Qnaire will look to those completing it.


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