You can group certain sections of the Qnaire to make it easier for patients to complete.

The default layout of a Qnaire is to have one question per page. The patient must click Next Page to continue to the next question.

You can group certain questions in your Qnaires to appear on one page. The patient must click Next Page to continue to the next question or group of questions.

Alternatively you can configure your Qnaire to have all the questions appear on one page. The patient is still prompted to click Next Page to indicate that they completed the Qnaire.

You group questions by adding section breaks before or after a certain number of questions. You can add a description (section header), image or video to accompany one question, a group of questions, or all questions. See Adding section headers in Qnaires.

⚠️ Important: Section breaks cannot appear next to each-other, or at the start or end of a Qnaire.


1. To enable the section break functionality in the Questions section of the Qnaire builder of a new or existing Qnaire, click On in the bottom-left corner of the page next to Section Break.

📌 Note: When section breaks are enabled, all questions are automatically added to one page.

The option of adding section breaks appears after every question on the right side of the Questions page.

2. To add a section break after a certain group of questions, click +Section Break.

Section Break and Remove appears between the two questions or group of questions.

3. To delete a section break, click Remove and confirm your action with Okay.

Updated, June 10, 2022

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