Once you have created all the questions in your questionaire you will be ready to publish it. It is important to complete/ review the publishing checklist before you start using the Qnaire.

The Publishing Checklist: This is a recommended checklist for the full functionality of the Qnaire.

  1. Qnaire Title: The title refers to what the Qnaire will be listed as in the library and when sent to a patient. You are able to change the title from this page

  2. Descriptive Image: The image you selected will be main image and thumbnail of the Qnaire. You are able to change the image from this page.

  3. Input your questions: Total number of questions (including follow up questions). You can change the number of question from this page.

  4. Set Estimated Time for Completion: You are able to set the estimated amount of time an average patient would take to complete this Qnaire

  5. Should there be a Score Meter: The provider can choose if they would like a score meter/graph associated with the Qnaire (this will appear in the Qnaire Responses section under Patient Chart)

  6. Score Meter Minimum Maximum Calculation: This is how you can set up a custom calculation for your scored qnaire, including the minimum and maximum value of that score

  7. Alert Provider: This will send an Inbox Message to the provider that a Qnaire has been completed.

  8. Should specific responses have a score metre: This will allow the provider to view graphs on a per question basis (this will appear in the Qnaire Responses section under Patient Chart)

  9. Confirm Patient Data Update request automatically: any patient data updates will automatically occur as opposed to requiring a confirmation.

  10. Redirect Patient to this URL: Link a patient to a website upon completion of the qnaire, by entering the specific URL.

  11. Text displayed at the end of the questionnaire: You are able to customize your text that will appear at the end of the Qnaire, by clicking on "Edit"

  12. Alert provider when score has: The provider can be notified when a score has changed according to specific settings.

  13. Alert Receiver Email/Phone: The provider will be notified via email and/or phone when the score has changed (according to the users' settings)

Once you have formatted the publishing checklist specific to your qnaire, click the "Preview" Button in the bottom right corner, to view how the Qnaire will look to those completing it.

If you want to make changes to your questionaire, you can click outside the preview window and go back to either the General, Questions or Publish page by selecting one of the options at the top centre of the page.

The Qnaire is now in a Draft format.

Once the Qnaire is finalised and ready to be used in your clinic, you can return to the Qnaire Icon in your platform. Your newly created Qnaire will be in your list of Qnaires (draft version), ready to be published.

You can publish your Qnaire by clicking on the "Publish" button.

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