There are various question types to add to Qnaires depending on what you want to ask and what information you want to collect from your patients. For example, a multi-select question offers your patient several options to choose from. Open-ended text questions ask broader questions to get qualitative responses.

Depending on your clinic's needs, you can add questions to new or existing Qnaires. You can also modify existing questions.

Questions can have follow-up questions or trigger a new Qnaire to open based on a patient’s response. For example, you can ask a patient a Yes/No question, and if they answer Yes, a new question appears, or a new Qnaire for a patient to complete is triggered. See Creating follow-up questions to patient responses or Adding a Qnaire based on patient responses.

When patients complete Qnaires, the questions can all appear on one page or one question per page. You can also group specific questions per page. See Grouping questions in Qnaires. The groups can have headings. See Adding section headers to Qnaires.

⚠️ Important: To create or modify Qnaires, you require the Edit Qnaires permission. See User permissions.


  1. From the main menu, click Qnaires. Click an existing Qnaire or start a new one by clicking New Qnaire.

    The Qnaire builder opens on a new page.

  2. Click the Questions tab.

  3. Click New Question in the left panel, or +New Question at the bottom. See Creating Qnaires for more information.

    A New Content box with all question types appears.

  4. Under Choose Type, select the type of question you want to add:

Question Type



Patients can select more than one answer from the displayed response options.


Patients can select only one answer from the displayed response options.

Select Box

Patients select one answer from a drop-down menu.


Patients select one answer from a list of options displayed as buttons, with or without an image.


Patients rate a statement or answer a question on a scale by dragging an interactive slider.

For more information, see Adding slider questions to Qnaires.


Patients type their answers.


In a Qnaire, you can choose to display one question per page (default), display all Qnaire questions on one page, or group specific questions in your Qnaires to appear on one page. See Grouping questions in Qnaires

Select Section to add a section header (title) to accompany the section break (grouped questions).

You can add text (section title) with or without an additional description, image or video to accompany the section break (grouped questions).


Patients draw, mark, or write in response to a question. For example, if you want a patient to consent to surgery.

For more information, see Adding draw question types to Qnaires.


Patients enter a date selected from a calendar.

Patients can enter a specific date (i.e. select the year, month, and day) or an estimated date (i.e select the year, or month).


Patients select a number.


Patients upload the requested image.


Patients enter past conditions and the corresponding treating doctor and year of diagnosis.

📌 Note: The patient answers cannot be linked to their Medical History in their chart.

For more information, see Adding history questions to your Qnaires.


Patients provide a star based rating.


Patients confirm information, update information, or enter new information. You use this question type to update demographic and medical information in patient charts.

📌 Notes:

  • In the left panel, to see the question with response options, click Extend All or Fold All to only see the questions.

  • To modify existing questions, select the question from the list.

  • To reorder questions drag and drop questions in the desired order.

5. To display all questions on one page, in the bottom-left corner next to Section Break, click On.

6. To group certain questions together, in the left panel at the bottom beside Section Break, click On, and add section breaks. See Grouping questions in Qnaires.

📌 Note: You can add section headers to the section breaks. See Adding section headers to Qnaires.

7. To duplicate a question, at the bottom-right corner of the question, click the duplicate icon and then OK in the confirmation window. The copied question appears at the end of all questions.

8. To delete a question, at the top-right corner of the question, click X and then OK in the confirmation window.

9. When done adding questions, click Next Step to publish your Qnaire. Alternatively you can close the Qnaire builder page. Your changes are automatically saved.

⚠️ Important:

  • Ensure that there are no blank/empty questions in your Qnaire before clicking Next Step or closing the page.

  • Do not add section breaks at the start or at the end of your Qnaires.

Updated March 29, 2023

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