You can create a question asking patients to name their medications, document the dose and select the frequency.

The answers only appear in the patient Qnaire responses as patient reported medical conditions. If the Qnaire is linked to an encounter the answer appears in the History section.

The response cannot be linked to the patient's list of Active Medications in their patient chart.


1. From the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, click +New Question. See Creating or modifying Qnaires.
A New Content box with all the possible question types appears.

2. Click Medication.

3. Complete the sections that apply to this question:



Question Text

Type a question to ask your patients.

Question Subtext (optional)

Type any additional information related to the question.

This appears under the main question.

Question Label (optional)

To change the way the question appears in the Qnaire responses, type a new Label. For example:

Question: What medication do you take? Question label: Medication.

The question appears on the answer sheet in patient charts as Medication.

Retrieve from respondent data

n/a - this type of question does not pull information from the active medication section of the patient's chart.

Natural Language Conversion

Allows you to convert a patient's response into a sentence that appears in an encounter note under the History section.

Medication question types pull all the information entered by the patient as the answer.

See Setting up natural language.

4. Click Next Step to move to the Publish page. See Publishing your Qnaires.

Created: August 18, 2022

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