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Adding a Qnaire based on patient responses
Adding a Qnaire based on patient responses
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You can configure a Multi-select, Radio, Select Box, Button, or Slider questions to trigger a new Qnaire for a patient to complete based on their response. The patient is prompted to complete the new Qnaire after completing the original Qnaire.


⚠️ Important: Before you can trigger a new Qnaire, you must know its Qnaire ID.

1. To find the Qnaire ID of the Qnaire you want to trigger, open it and refer to the URL. The URL contains a unique number. Note this number.

2. Now, from the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, click +New Question, or select an existing question. See Creating Qnaires for information on how to navigate to the Questions page.

3. Select the response option that must trigger opening a new Qnaire.

4. From the window that opens, select Trigger new questionnaire(s).

5. Enter the Qnaire ID you noted in step 1.

6. Click Close Choice.

Updated December 22, 2022

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