With the draw question type, you can ask you patients to mark, draw or write in response to a question. For example, a pain Qnaire can include an anatomy diagram where patients can draw to indicate the area of their pain.

You can also use the draw question to obtain a wet signature from your patient. An entry box appears under the question where the patient can draw their signature. This is very useful when you want a your patient to consent.


1. From the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, click +New Question. See Creating Qnaires for information on how to navigate to the Questions page.

A New Content box with all the possible question types appears.

2. Under Choose Type, click Draw.

A new window opens.

3. Complete the applicable sections using the below table:



Drawing question text

Type the question.

Question Subtext (optional)

Type any additional information related to the question.

This appears under the question.

Question Label (optional)

To change the way the question appears (shortened) in the Qnaire responses, type the label.

For example:

Question: Where is your pain?
Question label: Pain location.

The question appears on the answer sheet in the patient's chart as Pain location.

Upload a background image (optional)

  1. Click Upload Background Image.

  2. From the file explorer window, select an image and click open to upload.

💡 Tip: For questions where you want to the patient to draw or sign, you do not have to upload an image.

Drawing panel width and Drawing panel height

This is automatically calculated when you upload the image. You can edit it to change the appearance of the image.

💡 Tip: For questions where you want the patient to draw or sign, leave these fields blank.

Drawing pen color

Enter a colour code. The default is black (code 000000).

📌 Note: the primary colour codes are

  • Red: FF0000

  • Blue: 0000FF

  • Green: 00FF00

  • Yellow: FFFF00


The default is No making the question mandatory to complete.

Select Yes to make the question optional to complete.

Natural Language Conversion


4. To add more questions, click +New Question.

5. To publish the Qnaire, click Next Step.

📌 Note: If you edited an existing Qnaire and you are done, close the Qnaire creator window. The Qnaire creator automatically saves your changes.

Updated September 2, 2022

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