When you create a Qnaire, you must add a name with our without a description and image.

The Qnaire name should be simple and descriptive of what the Qnaire assesses. This makes it easy to search for a Qnaire from a long list when you want to send it to a patient, and it helps patients understand what the Qnaire is about when they complete it.

Qnaire names and images appear in your CHR account in the Qnaire responses section, patient's answer sheets, and when selecting Qnaires from a list to send to patients.

The image and description are visible to patients when they complete the Qnaire. The image appears above the Qnaire name, and the description appears to the right of the Qnaire image and name.


  1. Click the General tab in the Qnaire builder.

    The General Information section of the new or existing Qnaire appears.

  2. To add a Qnaire name, in the Enter Questionnaire Name field type the name of the Qnaire.
    📌 Note: To edit the Qnaire name, click in the name field and make adjustments.

  3. To add a Qnaire description, click the Questionnaire Description field.
    The Edit Description window appears.

    a. Click the text box and type the description of the Qnaire.
    💡 Tip: You can format your text using the formatting bar at the top of the text box.

    b. Click Save and Close.

  4. To add an image, click Select an Image. From the file explorer window that opens, select an image and click Open to upload it.
    💡 Tip: For best results, use an image that is 180 X 180 pixels.

Updated June 14, 2022

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