Deleting an encounter

How to delete an encounter

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If an encounter was made in error or was made in the incorrect patient chart, you can delete it. Deleting an encounter is not reversible, all information in the encounter will be lost once deleted.

Locked encounters cannot be deleted. To delete a locked encounter, you must first unlock it (see Unlocking a signed encounter).

You can delete a draft (unsigned) encounter from the encounter list, or from the open encounter.


  1. From the Encounters list (see Viewing all encounters for a patient), locate the encounter you want to delete and click the trash can icon in the Actions column.

  2. A confirmation pop-up appears; click Okay, and the encounter is deleted.

  3. From an open encounter, in the top-right corner, click Delete.

    • A confirmation pop-up appears; click Okay. The encounter is deleted and you return to the Encounters list.

📌 Note: The trash can icon and Delete button are only visible for unsigned encounters.

Updated October 31, 2022

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