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Provincial (OHIP) billing (Ontario)
Integrating your CHR account with MDBilling (Ontario)
Integrating your CHR account with MDBilling (Ontario)
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TELUS Health offers an OHIP billing service as part of your TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) license subscription. Claims are submitted within the CHR through an integrated API with a local OHIP billing providerMDBilling. MDBilling is an Ontario-based company that provides a secure, online medical billing software. You create insured bills in the CHR and submit them to MDBilling. MDBilling then processes and submits these bills (claims) to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

As part of your CHR subscription fees, you can:

  • Create claims in the CHR

  • Submit claims from MDBilling to the MOH

  • View and download basic and advanced reports from the MDBilling portal

⚠️ Important: The following billing services are not included in your CHR subscription fee:

  • Creating new claims directly in the MDBilling web portal or mobile app

  • Receiving support directly from For more information about MDBilling and their fees, please visit their website.

Setting up OHIP Billing and adding providers in the CHR

If you work in Ontario, every provider must have a MDBilling account set up and integrated with their CHR account.

If you are in the implementation phase, your Project Manager will work with you on this. If you are a new provider joining a clinic, complete the OHIP Billing sign-up form.

📌 Note: Do not create any bills within the CHR until the TELUS Health support team informs you that the MDBilling integration is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MDBilling request credit card information?

Your CHR subscription fee only covers claims submitted through the CHR. MDBilling will charge you for services provided outside the CHR. If you submit claims only through the CHR, you do not need to give MDBilling your credit card information.

How can I see what is charging me for?

Send an email to MDBilling will provide a report.

Why did I get an invoice from MDBilling?

If you created and submitted a claim directly from the MDBilling portal, the costs associated are not covered by the CHR subscription fee. MDBilling will invoice you directly. If you have specific questions about an invoice that you have received from MDBilling, contact

Where can I find my login information?

These credentials were shared with you when your MDBilling account was initially set up. Your username is <firstname.yourlastname> (example: lisa.watermelon). To reset your password, click

If I update my GoSecure password, how do I update it in the CHR?

When you are prompted to update your GoSecure password with MCEDT, you do not need to update it in the CHR or in the MDBilling portal.

If I need to make a change to any of the information that I provided at sign-up, what should I do?

Contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble or email and describe the change that needs to be made.

Updated April 25, 2022

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