MDBilling is a private company providing third-party digital services.

TELUS Health utilizes their service via an API to submit OHIP codes from the Collaborative health Record (CHR) to MDBilling who then submit code to the Ministry of Health (via MCEDT). If you are based in Ontario and want to bill from within the CHR you must have a MDBilling account set up.

In Summary:

  • The CHR is used to create, document, and submit insured bills.

  • The MDBilling portal processes, reconciles claims and sends remittance reports.

To integrate your account with MDBilling, contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble. See Contact us.

📌 Note: If you created any insured bills before the MDBilling integration is complete, you can manually attach them to the billing provider, once set up. See Connecting bills to a newly integrated provider.


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