The Patient Outbox allows you to see sent items that are linked to a particular patient. You can review details on the sent item and confirm if a fax was sent successfully.

The Outbox shows the following sent items for the patient:

  • Outgoing emails & faxes, for example prescriptions or letters

  • Printed items

  • Qnaires

  • Appointment confirmations and notifications

  • Patient portal messages

⚠️ Important: Incoming faxes and internal messages linked to the patient will not show in the Patient Outbox.


  1. From the Patient Chart, click Start/Open or view the Quick Menu.

  2. Click Patient Outbox.

    The patient outbox opens.

  3. Click on an outgoing message, letter, prescription, etc. to open it in a new window. Click on a Qnaire or notification to see what Qnaires were sent.

4. To filter the outbox and see only one item type (Messages, Notifications, Files via fax, Files via email or Print History) click the dropdown on the right hand side and choose the item type.

5. To catch any new items sent, click refresh.This is important if other users are working on the patient's chart at the same time as you are.

📌 Notes:

  • Faxes can show a status of Failed. For more information, see Viewing outgoing items.

  • Other item types such as SMS messages will not show a failed status. If you need to confirm that an SMS or email was successfully sent, reach out to the support team through the support bubble. They are able to track if the message was successfully sent, or if the patient marked our emails as spam. Support is not able to track if the patient's cell phone carrier blocked the message.

  • If the Sent To field is blank, it means the item failed to send. If you sent to email and SMS, and only one appears in the outbox, the other failed. If you print the item, Sent To will always show blank.

  • To gather more information on a notification, navigate to the appointment on the schedule and click the Reminders tab (bell icon).

💡 Tip: In general, email is more reliable and easier to track than SMS. Whenever possible, use email.

Updated March 31, 2022

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