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Appointment notifications
Auto-notifying providers of schedule changes
Auto-notifying providers of schedule changes

Notify providers when appointments are booked, changed or cancelled on their schedules

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You can configure the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) to send automated notifications to providers to alert them about their appointments via an email or text message. You can configure the following appointment notifications:

Appointment notifications


Appointment Request

Providers receive a notification when a patient requests an appointment through the e-booking process or the requested status is applied internally.

Appointment Confirmation

Providers receive a notification when an appointment status is confirmed. This includes booking internally and when a requested appointment is confirmed.

Appointment Change

Providers receive a notification any time an appointment is changed. Specifically, when the date and/or time of the appointment are changed.

Appointment Cancellation

Providers receive a notification when an appointment is cancelled. This includes deleting or removing an appointment internally, or a patient cancelling the appointment from their end.

Appointment Booking

Providers receive a notification when an appointment has the status booked.

📌 Note: We recommend using email notifications. Use text messages only for unique cases. For more information, see SMS (text) overage fees.

💡 Tip: For information about customizing appointment notifications for patients, see Customizing appointment notifications for patients.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Notifications > Practitioners.

💡 Tip: Under the All tab, you can configure appointment notifications for all practitioners.

3. To configure notifications for yourself or for a specific provider, click the By Practitioner tab and search for or select the desired practitioner from the list.

💡 Tip: As soon as you click a provider's name, the By Practitioner tab label changes to the provider's name.

4. To receive email or SMS notifications for the desired change in appointment (such as Appointment Confirmation), click the people icon to its right. A pop-up window opens.

⚠️ Important: When possible, use email notifications (which are free) instead of SMS messages (which come at a cost when you exceed your clinic's monthly limit). See SMS overage charges.

5. Type an email, phone number or both and click Add. The notification is sent to all included emails or phone numbers.

6. To edit or delete an email or phone number:

a) Click the gear icon for the desired email or phone number.

b) To edit: change the email or phone number and click the checkmark icon.

c) To delete: click the x icon. When prompted, click OK to confirm.

Updated June 24, 2022

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