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Set Display Option for Patient Data
Set Display Option for Patient Data

How to configure the Display Option for Patient Data/Templates

Updated over a week ago

Using the "Set Display Option" in your Patient Data settings can allow you to customize how your Patient Data looks when used in Encounter templates. This feature must be configured by the TELUS CHR Support account. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat for more information.

Fom your Settings - Patient Data, clicking on the category and property desired, and then selecting "Set Display Option" at the top right hand corner.

Here you can drag and rearrange the "entities" into whichever order you like. As well, you can add "prefixes and suffixes" to these variables, in order to create a more sentence like structure. You can do this by clicking on the entity and adding which prefix/suffix you would like.

Note: You will need to check off the "Hide if empty" checkbox in order for this to work. That is for each entity you place in here. 

Once you have configured this "Display Option" for your Patient Data property, the final step is adding this property to an Encounter template. When you add the Patient Data variable, this time you will choose "Default" as the "Visible Data": 

Finally, once you have applied the Encounter template and clicked on the variable, the data will appear in the customized format you configured in the "Set Display Option":

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