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Sending forms to ordering providers from referrals
Sending forms to ordering providers from referrals
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If you require an ordering provider to fill out a form when they send you a referral, you can send the form to them from the incoming referral in the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR). For example, you may require an x-ray before your consultation with the patient.

To automate the task of sending a form to the ordering (referring) provider, you must add the required action Send referral form (Incoming only) to an incoming referral status. See Configuring incoming referral statuses.


  1. Open a referral.

  2. Under the referral's Required Actions, click Send a referral form and then Send.

    The Select Form Template window appears.

  3. Select the form template to send to the ordering provider.
    The Auto Fill Templates window appears with Patient Data automatically populated.

  4. (Optional) Select an auto fill template, if configured. See Creating auto fill templates.

  5. Set the location, date, recipient, user, appointment and/or referral to use in the form.

  6. Click Apply to add patient data to the form.

    💡 Tip: Click Patient Data to clear the data and then click Apply.

    The form appears.

  7. Click PDF (in the top right corner) to generate a PDF from the form.
    PDF Settings window appears.

  8. Choose from the list of configured cover pages or none and click Save.

  9. From the generated PDF, click the fax (or email) icon in the top right corner.
    📌 Note: If you click the email icon, an Email Form from Referral record window appears where you can add the recipient email, subject and add a message (or message Template).

  10. Once the above is completed, you can move onto the next required action or save the referral.

    💡 Tip: You can send more than one form to ordering providers by clicking Send again (under the Required Action, Send a referral form).

Updated August 8, 2022

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