You can add the action, Send referral form to a referral status to automate the task of sending a form to the ordering provider.

Examples of forms that can be sent are clinic specific referral forms. Some providers would like their patients to have certain tests done before their initial appointment.

To configure this action, see Configuring incoming referral statuses.

Once configured, you will see the Send a referral form action within your referral management window.


  1. Under Send a referral form, Click Send.

    The Select form template window appear

  2. Select the clinic specific from you want to send to the ordering provider.
    The Autofill Template window appears

  3. Click Apply to add patient data to the form.

  4. Click PDF to generate a PDF from the form.

  5. From the generated PDF, click Fax or email icon at the top right corner.

  6. Click Okay.

Once completed, you will be able to move onto the next required action or save the referral.

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