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Overview of appointments in your clinic

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The Appointments analytics dashboard is used for tracking appointments by status, type, presenting issue, provider or booking method. You can also view the number of patients who has had an appointment with each primary practitioner.

To learn more about how to use the Analytics module, see Analytics dashboards.


By default, the dashboard displays all appointments for the last month. Use the filters to view more or less appointments.



Start Date

Date or period during which the appointment was scheduled. Defaults to is in the last 30 days.


Whether or not the appointment was booked online by the patient.


Provider under which the appointment was booked.


Status of the appointment (confirmed, cancelled, visit completed, etc.).

Appointment Type

Appointment type (consultation, follow-up, phone visit, etc.). Available values depend on your clinic's scheduling settings (Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type).

Appointment Tags

Tags added to the appointment. Available values depend on your clinic's scheduling settings (Settings > Scheduling > Tags).

Appointment Locations

Clinic where the appointment was booked. Available values depend on your clinic's scheduling settings (Settings > Scheduling > Locations).

Visit Type

Whether the appointment was an in-person visit (physical) or a virtual visit.

For more information on how to use filters, see Filtering analytics dashboards.


The following reports are available in the dashboard.

Appointments By Status

Number of appointments by status (confirmed, cancelled, visit completed, etc.). The most recent status associated with the appointment is selected.

On the right-hand side, you can also see the total number of appointments, the number of no-shows (appointments with the No show status) and cancelled appointments (appointments with the Cancelled status).

For more information on appointment statuses, see Tracking the status of an appointment.

Appointments By Provider

Number of appointments booked with each provider.

Appointments By Ebooking

Percentage of appointments requested online by patients (eBooking) and appointments booked by a user in your clinic (Traditional). 

Presenting Issues

Number of appointments by presenting issues. Only appointments for which a presenting issue is selected appear in this graph.

For more information on presenting issues, see Presenting issues.

Appointment Types

Number of appointments by appointment type.

For more information on appointment types, see Creating and modifying appointment types.

Primary Practitioner

Number of patients that had an appointment with each of your clinic providers.

⚠️ Important: The dashboard filters do not apply to this report. 

Updated February 24, 2022

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