A user can customize the section under the patient header in a patient's chart. They can add specific patient data within the section.

This allows a user to have a good visual of specific patient data while navigating through the patient chart.

Note: You are still able to find all the patient data in the summary view or patient dashboard.

How to manage Patient Data Visibility:

This is managed on a per user basis, i.e. users are able to choose what data they would like to see within their account.

  • Navigate to the Patient Data Widget in the Patient Dashboard

  • Click on MANAGE

  • (If you cannot find the specific Patient Data Widget, click on the + button to add)

  • A "Manage Patient Data Widget" Window will appear. You can search for any data point and select to add to the list

  • Select Display Type: Header

  • Click Save

Another way of managing patient data visibility is by clicking on the gear icon next to the actual patient data the user is able to see below the patient name

A user is able to expand/fold the additional patient data points which they are not able to see when initially opening the chart - click on the up/down arrow

You are also able to update/edit the patient data in the header by clicking on a specific point:


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