Customizing the patient dashboard

Use the patient dashboard to see important patient information at a glance

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The patient dashboard view of patient charts (see Navigating patient charts) contains a customizable collection of widgets that provide a summary of patient information and shortcuts to all areas of the patient chart.

The dashboard may show the following widgets, depending on how you configured it.



Care Team

Health care providers who are part of the patient's care team. For more information, see Defining a care team for a patient.

Family Doctor

The patient's family doctor if entered in their demographics. Click Update Information to add one from your contacts list.

File Upload

Easily upload a document to the patient's chart. For more information, see Uploading patient files.

Growth Chart

The patient's growth chart if available. For more information, see Growth charts.


The patient's provincial health number or other identification used in their demographics. For more information, see Adding a patient.

Latest Encounters

The latest five encounters added to the chart.

Latest Notes

The latest three administrative notes added to the chart. For more information, see Adding pop-up notes to patient charts.

Patient Data

Patient data that you want to show in the dashboard or the patient header. Click Manage to choose which data to show.

Preferred Pharmacy

Primary Location

The location where the patient is primarily seen. For more information, see Adding a patient.

Primary Practitioner

The provider who cares for this patient in your practice. For more information, see Adding a patient.

Quick Menu

Quick access to sections of the patient chart. We recommend keeping this widget in your dashboard to quickly open sections or add new message, encounters, cases, and prescriptions.

Recent Activity

Recent changes made in the chart. See Reviewing recent activity.

Referring Practitioner

The provider who referred the patient to your practice. For more information, see Adding a patient.

Status Tags

Additional patient information that was added as a status tag. For more information, see Applying status tags to a patient chart.


1. Open the patient chart.

2. At the top of the chart, click the Dashboard icon.

patient dashboard button highlighted at top right of chart

The patient dashboard appears below the patient header.

3. To change the order of widgets (such as to bring the most relevant one to the top), click the widget header and drag it to the desired location.

4. To hide a widget, click the eye with a slash icon in the widget header.

5. To add a widget, click the + at the bottom.

6. To change the width of a widget, place your cursor on the dotted line between columns until it changes to an arrow and then click and drag to the desired width.

Updated February 12, 2022

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