Uploading patient files

Add documents from your computer (such as scans or photos) into patient charts

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You can easily upload documents, such as a PDF, a scanned image, or a Microsoft Word document from your computer into to a patient chart and make it part of the patient's records. You can also upload .mp3 and .m4a audio files.

When uploaded, all files are available in the Patient Files section of patient charts. You can view PDF files and image files (PNG, GIF, JPG/JPEG, or TIF/TIFF) and listen to audio files directly in the chart. To view all other file types, you must download them to your computer and then view the downloaded copy. For more information, visit Viewing and modifying patient files.

💡 Tip: Troubleshooting a failed file upload

If your file fails to upload within the allocated upload time and you encounter a timeout error, try reducing the size of your file and uploading it again. Your internet upload speed may be too slow to successfully upload very large files.


1. Open the patient chart.

2. Select the file to upload using one of the following methods;

  • From the dashboard Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, click Patient Files > Add File.

  • From the patient summary, open the Files section and click Add File.

  • From the patient dashboard, drag and drop the file to upload from your computer into the File Upload widget.

The Upload File window opens.

3. Click Select a patient file and navigate to and select the file on your computer.

📌 Note: You can upload only one file at a time.

4. Enter the file details, using the following table as reference:



File Name

Change the file name, if required.

📌 Note: Click the magnifying glass to choose a pre-configured file name. Pre-configured file names may also automatically add tags to the file. To learn more, visit Configuring patient file names.


Type a description for the document.


To associate an owner to the file, select a provider from the list.

Select Notify New Owner to send the provider an inbox message with the file attached.

Your administrator can make this field mandatory (Settings > Patient File > Require file ownership by default).


Click + Add a new tag and select a tag from the list to apply to the document for ease of searching and review. Select the filter field and type the name of a tag to find a specific one in a longer list.

Any file tags associated with the file appear as tabs in the Patient Files section of the patient chart.

For information about customizing the tags, visit Configuring file tags.

📌 Note: If the file name was pre-configured with tags, selecting the file name automatically adds those tags. To learn more, visit Configuring patient file names.

Abnormal Count

If the file is a scanned lab result, enter the number of abnormal results. The number appears as an alert.


If required, modify the date associated with the document, such as the date of a medical report. Defaults to the current date and time.

The date when the file is uploaded is saved separately.

Last Reviewed At

The date and time when the file was last reviewed.

Additional Fields

Click to view more fields.

  • Source Author: The original source of the document. Can be an internal user, or external contact from your address book.

  • Source Facility: The facility that sent the document.

  • Date Received: The date your clinic received the document.

  • Report Media: How the document was received.

5. Click Save.

6. After the file is uploaded successfully, securely delete the file from your computer.

Updated November 22, 2023

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