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Viewing and modifying patient files

Once files are uploaded to a patient chart, you can view and manage them

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When files or documents are uploaded to a patient chart (see Uploading patient files), you can search for and view them in the Patient Files section. If you categorized the documents with file tags, you can easily view or search only documents with certain tags.

You can then share, download, or print the files, if needed.


1. Open the patient chart.

2. Open the Patient Files section using one of the following methods:

  • From the patient summary > Files section, click the arrow to open the file list.

    💡 Tip: Click a file to view it.
    📌 Note: You can view only Active files.

  • From the dashboard quick menu, click Patient File.

  • From the Start/Open menu, click Patient Files.

In the Patient Files section, the list of files uploaded to the patient chart appears.

3. To view files that were assigned a file tag (or category), click one of the tabs, such as Diagnostic Imaging. Files that are uncategorized appear in the All tab.

📌 Note: To view any archived files, click the Archived tab. See Archiving patient files.

4. To view files in a list, click List. In this view you can sort the files and view the review status of a file.

  • If a file in need of review was reviewed, a green icon appears. If the file still needs review, a grey icon appears.

  • To change the list's sort order, click a column title.

  • To customize the columns, to the right of the columns, click the gear icon. You can choose which columns to display and drag them to change their order.

5. To preview files, click Gallery. Only PDF and image files (PNG, JPG, and GIF) show a preview. To view all other file types, open the file and choose to download it to your computer and then view the downloaded copy. For audio files, click the file to listen to it.

6. If needed, perform actions with the files using the following table as reference:

To do this...

Follow these steps...

Open a file

Click the file. It opens in a new window where you can email or fax it, add comments, mark it as reviewed, send a message about the file, and so on.

View only files that were categorized using a file tag

Click a tab at the top of the list of files. By default, the All tab opens and shows all files.

Find a file

In the Search field at the top, type the file to find.

Edit a file (such as to change a date associated with the file)

Click the pencil icon. For more information about the fields you can edit, see Uploading patient files.

Archive a file

Click the archive (file box) icon.

View a file's history

Click the history icon.

Updated June 10, 2022

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