⚠️ Important: You cannot entirely delete patient files from the CHR.

If you want to remove patient files from a patient's chart, you can archive them. You can find these patient files in the Archived tab of the Patient Files section and restore them if you need them again. This can be helpful when a patient has many files and you want to see only the ones that are relevant to their care at that time.

📌 Note: Archived files do not appear in the in the Files section of the patient's chart summary view.


1. Open a patient's chart.

2. In the Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, choose Patient Files.
The list of active files appears.

3. To archive a patient file, click the archive (file box) icon.

4. A prompt appears asking you to confirm if you want to archive the patient file. Click Okay.

The patient file is moved to the Archived tab in the Patient Files section.

📌 Note: Files that you add as attachments to an encounter can only be archived from the encounter, and not from the Patient Files section. Click Attached Via. Encounter to navigate to the specific encounter. See Managing attachments on an encounter for details.

5. To view the archived patient file, click the Archived tab. You can view the history of the patient file from here, just as you would for an active file.

6. To restore any archived patient files and move it back to the Active list, click the restore icon and click Okay when prompted to confirm the action.

Updated July 7, 2022

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