The easiest and most effective way to customize the billing dashboard is by creating a saved filter.


If you do not want to set a filter to look at all of your billing, select this button to look at yours specifically. This will show you all of your bills in all statuses.

If you have analytics, you can also view your billing through EMBEDDED views.

Adjust the Size of Dashboard (Per User)

Have lots of information to view and don't want to remove columns? Use the handle to adjust the size.

Adjust the Size of Columns (Per User)

Want to see +/- information in each column, these can also be adjusted.

Remove Unnecessary Columns (Per User)
If you want to reduce the clutter in your billing dashboard, you can remove any columns you don't need at any time. This is useful for many reasons:

  • Reduce clutter in the dashboard by removing any extra info

  • To remove sensitive information (demographics, etc) when exporting information for reporting

You can re-order the columns and then readjust the size.

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