Initiating the GPSC Billing Portal
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⚠️ Important: For further information on the General Practices Services Committee (GPSC) Portal billing procedure, review the following article here.

Once a year you must submit G14070 (GPSC Portal fee) and G14071 (GPSC Portal fee) to initiate the GPSC billing portal.

You can then bill the following fee codes / incentives:

  • G14075 GP Frailty Complex Care Planning and Management Fee.

  • G14076 GP Patient Telephone Management Fee.

  • G14077 GP Allied Care Provider Conferencing Fee.

  • G14078 GP Email/Text/Telephone Medical Advice Relay Fee.

  • G14029 GP Allied Care Provider Practice Code.


  1. Add a new patient to your CHR account (See Adding a patient) with the following information



Patient Surname


First Name


Date of Birth

January 1, 2013

2. To initiate the the GPSC portal, from the above-created patient's chart, you have to create a bill with the following billing codes:

Fee Item(s)

G14070 (GPSC Portal fee)

G14071 (GPSC Portal fee)



Date of Service

Today's date

3. Submit the bill to Teleplan as per usual.

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