You can control which interaction alerts appear when you prescribe a medication. For example, you may choose to hide Level 3 minor alerts by default. Account owners can customize which alerts appear for all providers, but providers can set their own alert threshold.

Alerts that aren't displayed by default can still be viewed by selecting them.


1. When prescribing, in the Alerts panel, click the gear icon.

2. By default, the alerts displayed are based on the Account Default threshold. To specify a different threshold for yourself, choose an option from the My Alert Threshold list - Show All Alerts, Critical (Highest), or Warning.

The threshold is the lowest level alert you want to be displayed. If you select Warning, you will see Level 1 and Level 2 alerts (i.e. Level 2 and higher). If you select Critical (Highest), you will see only Level 1 alerts.

💡 Tip: If you are an account owner, you can also set the Account Threshold. Users can see the Account Threshold but cannot change it.

3. Click anywhere outside the alert configuration window to close it.

4. The alerts displayed are updated to match your selected threshold. Any alerts that are hidden appear with an eye icon to the right, and a Not All Alerts are Visible warning appears at the top of the Alerts panel.

5. To view a hidden alert, click the eye icon.

6. Your selected threshold is remembered for future use. You can change it at any time by selecting the gear icon and selecting a different threshold from the list.

Updated September 27, 2021

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