If providers in your clinic often prescribe a certain medication with similar instructions, instead of each provider saving the prescription in their own list of frequent medications, you can create clinic-wide frequent medications. These medications are available to all providers and work similar to personal frequents. When a provider creates a prescription and searches for a medication to prescribe, any matching clinic-wide frequent medications display at the top of the search results with a star.

Only users who have permission for Formulary Updates can manage clinic-wide frequent medications.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Formulary.

2. Click Add Medication to create a new clinic-wide frequent medication.

3. In the window that appears, complete the prescription as you normally would. See Creating prescriptions for more information.

4. Click Save when you are finished.

5. The new frequent medication appears in the Formulary list and is available to all providers to prescribe. (See Creating prescriptions for more information).

6. To edit or delete a clinic-wide frequent medication, in the Formulary list:

  • Click the name of the frequent prescription to open it and make any necessary changes. Click Save when you are finished.

  • Click the trash can icon to delete a clinic-wide frequent prescription.

Updated October 18, 2021

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